Baptism: Preparation Guidelines

The Sanctifying Role of the Church

Baptism is the sacrament of faith which allows us to participate in the life of the Church with Christ as its source.  It removes the stain of Original Sin and is the offer of salvation for all people.  Along with Confirmation and the Eucharist it is one of the Sacraments of Initiation, and marks us for all time as a member of the Body of Christ.

Guidelines and Information for Infant Baptism

Parents are responsible for having their child baptized as soon after birth as possible.  Except in the case of necessity, the church is the usual place for the rite of Baptism.

For a child to be baptized, it is necessary that:

  • At least one of the parents or someone legally standing in their place consent
  • There is a reasonable hope that the child will be brought up in the Catholic Faith.

Godparents: There may be one or two godparents (sponsors).  If two are chosen, they must be a male and a female.

  • They must be chosen by the parents.
  • Have an ability and intention to fulfill their role
  • Be at least 16 years of age
  • Be a confirmed Roman Catholic, have already received the Eucharist, living a life in harmony with the Catholic Faith (including Marriage), and will be a good role model for the baptized child.
  • Not be the father nor mother of the baptized child
  • A baptized Christian belonging to another denomination may act only as a “Christian witness” and not a godparent, provided that there is at least one Roman Catholic godparent.
  • A non-baptized person cannot be a witness.

Baptismal Preparation at Jesus Our Risen Savior

  • You must contact the parish office (864 576 1164) and express a desire to have your child baptized.
  • If you are not a registered parishioner, please consider becoming involved in the celebration of the Sunday Eucharist at JORS.
  • You and your chosen godparents will be required to attend a Baptism class prior to the Baptism.
  • Baptisms in Spanish are conducted on the third Saturday of the month and in English on the fourth Saturday. All Baptisms are performed at 10:30 A.M.
  • Please download application form for Baptism

Other Information

  • If the parents or godparents reside in another parish, they may have the Baptism class in their home parish and then have a testimonial letter from that parish affirming that the class was attended. The letter should also state that the person in question is a practicing Catholic in good standing in that parish.

Marital Status

  • Baptism will not be denied if the parents are unmarried or not married in the Catholic Church, but there may be a reason to postpone the Baptism if the parents are not practicing the Faith or do not have the intention of living a life in harmony with the Catholic Faith.

The above information applies to Infant Baptisms only.  If your child is has reached the age of catechetical reason (2nd grade or 7 years) they will receive preparation for this and the other sacraments of initiation through the Religious Education Department at JORS.  Please contact the parish office to make arrangements for the proper instruction of the child.