Adult Confirmation Requirements

In order to insure the valid reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation, we are responsible to investigate and help individuals resolve any possible situations that would cause them to be ineligible.

  •  Every candidate must schedule an interview with the Director of Adult Education
  • The interview will inquire into the individual’s faith and marital status background, and assess their sacramental and formation needs. Below is the information that will be discussed in the interview.

Who may prepare?

  • Baptized Catholic adults who have celebrated First Holy Communion but lack the sacrament of Confirmation, and who do not have any other impediments to receiving the Sacraments (such as, irregular marriage/need for declaration of nullity)
  • Must be in a proper state of grace
    o If married, must be in a marriage recognized by the Church (for example: A Catholic married by a Justice of the Peace or other non-Catholic officiator without a formal dispensation from the Church is outside the state of grace, according to the Church’s theology on the sacraments.)
  • If divorced but not remarried or engaged, may prepare for Confirmation provided they acknowledge if this status changes, they MUST complete a petition for nullity of the failed marriage(s) BEFORE they marry in the Church
  • If re-married: Catholics who divorce and re-marry without obtaining a formal decree of nullity on the prior marriage(s) (either their own or their spouses) may not receive the sacraments unless they complete the petition for and are granted the decree of nullity for the prior marriage(s).
  • If married they must have been married in the Catholic Church before a deacon or priest. If married civilly, common-law, or by another Christian minister, they must marry in the Catholic Church before they can be confirmed

Required Documents

  • A copy of their Baptismal Certificate (both sides) dated no more than six months from the time preparation begins.
  • Must be at least 16 years old
  •  Must be a fully initiated Catholic (Baptized, Confirmed, Holy Communion)
  •  May not be a parent or guardian of the adult nor the spouse or fiancé of the intended participant
  •  If married, their marriage must be formally recognized by the Catholic Church Preparation for Confirmation will normally take place as part of the RCIA program unless other arrangements for instruction and formation can be arranged.