Guidelines for Lectors at Jesus, Our Risen Savior

  (The following procedure is for the most of the Church Calendar, Other Duties will be required for Christmas, Palms Sunday and Holy Week) 

Say a Prayer before Mass Thanking God for the Privilege of being one of His Servents 

  1. Check  the on line schedule or pick up a Quarterly  Calendar at the beginning of each quarter in the Sacristy, to determine your assignments. (Ministers of Communion – MC aka Eucharistic Ministers – EM)
  2. Pre-read both Reading in the quietness of your Home several times and include the passages before and after the reading so that the full meanings are internalized. This will allow the reading in Church to come from your Heart and Soul. This is so very important because you will be Proclaiming GOD’s Word, not just old Biblical Accounts! An Excellent time to practice Lectio Divina with the Readings!
  3. Arrive about 20 Minutes before Mass, sign in, and notify the Sacristan of your presence. If not scheduled always let the Sacristan know that you are available.  See that the Lectionary is on the Ambo along with the Prayer of the Faithful book and Announcements book. Pre-read these because, sometimes there are grammatical errors which will cause you to ‘stumble’ on your first reading. When signing in indicate your preference – Lector 1 or Lector 2, assuming both Lectors are there.
  4. Obtain a Silver Cross from the niche in the Sacristy and wear it during Mass.
  5. Assemble about 5 minutes before Mass in the Gathering Space with the Celebrant when he prays.
  6. Since the Announcements are read before Mass, Lector 1 will start reading the Announcements at the starting time for Mass.  The Lector is to approach the Altar per procedure outlined in Item 8 Below.
  7. After the Collect: Lector 1 should approach the center of the Altar; Reverence the Altar with a bow; and proceed to the Left side of the Ambo before stepping up to the Altar/Ambo. (Very Important: Do Not enter the Altar between the Ambo and the Altar) Before starting the Reading Look over the Congregation and smile (Remember we are all Family), then start the Reading.
  8. If there is a Cantor: Leave the Sanctuary as you came and proceed to the center of the Mail Aisle in front of the Altar, the Cantor will follow you to the foot of the Altar and together both of you Reverence the Altar with a Bow. Then return to your seat.
  9. If there is No Cantor: Stay at the Ambo and read the Responsorial Psalm. After you have read the Response raise your Right hand indicating the Congregation should respond, and do this after each verse.
  10. If you are the only Lector and there is a Cantor: After the Responsorial Psalm has been sung, return to the Center of the Altar and wait for the Cantor, then both of you bow reverencing the Altar. Then proceed to the Ambo as described in Item 8 above.
  11. If you are the only Lector and there is no Cantor: Read the Second Reading after the Responsorial Psalm, and leave the Altar as described in Item 8 above
  12. If a Deacon is not Present, and you are Lector 1 or the only Lector and After the Profession of Faith Read the Prayer of the Faithful after the Celebrant reads the lead-in: You should leave your seat about three quarters  through the Profession of Faith following the routine outlined in item 8 above and be at the Ambo ready to read the Prayer of the Faithfull. After reading return to your seat per Item 9 above.
  13. Any Special Announcements are to be Read after Communion by Lector 2 or if there is only one Lector: The Lector should proceed to the Altar the prayer after communion (Father will sit, also the Parishioners) following the procedure in Item 8 above, and read the Announcements then leave the Altar per Item 9 above.

To be a Lector is one of the Great Honors and Gifts that can be bestowed on Parishioners for you are like Christ or one of the Apostles imparting God’s word to the Faithful and/or potential Faithful.