A Love Letter to Yourself

What do you truly believe?  What drives your every action?  What is at the core of who you believe yourself to be?  Do you believe in God?  Do You believe in an afterlife?  Do you believe what you do, how you behave, how you treat others will have consequences for you either now or in the future (even at the end of your days)?

If these questions have relevance for you, have struck a chord, then take a minute or three and write down how you feel about them.  Putting our thoughts on paper, or the computer word processor, gives them some semblance of permanence.  Sometimes what you think you know, when you sit down to write becomes somewhat less clear; even foggy.  Writing makes you seek clarity and order, and in a way truth.  It is somehow more difficult to deceive yourself when you put it in writing.

Yes, it’s true putting your thoughts in print opens you up to a sense of vulnerability.  Others might happen upon what you’ve written.  But if what is there is the truth about yourself, let them.  All too often we try to put on a mask for the world.  We try to appear as we think others want us to be.  Look deep within yourself.  Who are you, and where are you headed?  Embrace that person and empower him or her by putting their essence into words.

Then revisit this written description of yourself in six months.  Are you still the same person, or have things changed.  If so put down how they have changed.  Make a habit of revisiting this journal of your life’s goals, hopes , aspirations and you will not only see yourself grow as a person but grow closer to your ultimate destiny – an eternity with the God who created you.

May God Bless You, Deacon Doc