“The Church is catholic because she is the space, the home in which the faith is proclaimed to us in its entirety, in which the salvation brought to us by Christ is offered to everyone. The Church is catholic because she is universal, she is spread abroad through every part of the world and she proclaims the Gospel to every man and to every woman. The Church is not a group of elite; she does not only concern the few. The Church has no limits; she is sent to the totality of people, to the totality of the human race. And the one Church is present even in her smallest parts…”
Pope Francis, General Audience, October 9, 2013

Pastoral Care at Jesus, Our Risen Savior focuses on visiting Parishioners who have become sick or homebound, ministering to families who have lost a loved one, as well as ministering to our less fortunate brothers and sisters. Please check the pages below.