Women’s Bible Study

Mission Statement & Activity: To offer a comprehensive (historical, traditional and spiritual) journey through the Scripture, guided by prayer and Catholic study materials (including the Catechism), books and essays by Church Fathers, respected Catholic authors, theologians, doctors of the Church, through papal documents (ie. Vatican II), and sharing among participants.

The study is open to all women in the parish. Conducted in English, the group uses the “Come and See” Catholic Bible study series by Fr. Joseph Ponessa, SSD and Dr. Laurie Manhardt, PhD which is catechetical in it’s format and requires the use of a Bible (New American translation, or Revised Standard, Catholic edition is preferred) and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Study outlines are provided and other study materials may be required, depending on the unit of study. The study welcomes members of all levels of background in Scripture. The material is introduced at an entry level of Scriptural study and often evolves into higher canonical subject matter through the sharing of the participants and extra research provided by the leader. The study advocates and works to develop the prayer form of learning the Scripture through reading and meditation (lectio divina) and Scripture’s role as Canon of the Catholic Church.