Contemplative: Centering Prayer

Mission Statement & Activity: Our mission is to foster for each of our members an ever deepening intimacy and union with God through our daily practice of centering/contemplative prayer. We journey together along the road of inner transformation and growth in holiness that accompanies the divine gift of contemplation. We recognize that the source of our prayer and of any transformation that takes place within us is the Indwelling Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Our Contemplative Prayer Group, like the many others from around the world, is affiliated with Contemplative Outreach LTD. Contemplative Outreach, under the direction of Fr. Thomas Keating, is attempting to renew for today’s world the long and very rich tradition of contemplation that exists in our Catholic Church.

For those not familiar with contemplative prayer, the classic definition is “resting in God”, the communing with Him in silence, beyond thoughts, words, feelings, and images.

Meeting Times and Locations: Every Tuesday at 7PM inRoom 104.

Affiliation: Contemplative Outreach LTD.

Contact Person
John Cetone
Email: [email protected]